What We Do:

Applied Combative Solutions (ACS) is a Veteran Owned small business based on the Mobile Team Training Concept.

Our team of experienced military and law enforcement firearms instructors will travel to your prepared locations to provide end user training in a variety of firearms disciplines.

We at ACS provide the student with firearms training programs that are reality based with a focus on basic fundamentals. Our approach is not just to teach the mechanics of both marksmanship and weapon manipulation, but to train the mind to be a vital part of this process.

We don't just train shooters. We train warriors in the art of modern weaponcraft. Our various training programs are designed around individual skill sets, and can be tailored to fit any student audience.

We provide training courses from NRA Basic Handgun, Illinois Concealed Carry Mandatory 8 hour and 16 hour training, Entry Level Handgun, Shotgun, and Carbine training through our Advanced 'Combative' Level Courses in all firearms disciplines.

It is the goal of ACS to provide our students firearms training well beyond the minimum standard. We teach, we train, we learn.